Being a disciple means following Jesus, fellowshipping with other believers and fishing for men. We have created a Growth Path to help you live as a disciple. It begins with being part of spiritual family, which we call Connect Groups. These are groups modelled around Jesus’ small groups where the disciples did life with one another. There’s a Connect Group to suit everybody, whether you are young or not-so-young, a family or a single young professional or student. There are even Connect Groups for children.

To be well established in the faith, we use the One2One and Purple Book to establish biblical foundations in our lives. Victory Training is a two-day course to plant you in freedom, eliminating past difficulties that hinder you from following Jesus fully. Lastly, we have the Making Disciples Training which gives you tools to fish for men. These tools help enable us to walk with Christ in the fullness of what he has called us to. This is what it means to be a disciple – following Jesus in his righteousness and adopting his mission.